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The Christian Education Department is a community of believers under the leadership of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It exists in and for the benefit and betterment of God's people. It is organized and shall operate exclusively as an Auxiliary of the Way of the Cross Church of Christ, International. It is the teaching instrument of the Way of the Cross and shall operate solely within the jurisdiction of the same.

Welcome to our Website!


Welcome to our newly redesigned website! Knowing that you depend on our research and insight to develop new, innovative ideas and strengthen solid bible application and practice, we’ve rebuilt our site to make it much easier to find and share resources.

Since the year of our founding, we continue to be inspired by the passion and dedication we see in educators, researchers, pastors, evangelist, missionaries, and Christians, all working on behalf of the Way of the Cross Church of Christ International children, families, and local churches.

As part of our commitment to keeping our work easily accessible, we have created a more navigable website with additional resources, better tools, and a new visual design to support your work in ministry as it pertains to the areas of family involvement, Sunday school, early childhood education, vacation bible school, complementary learning, education reform, and evaluation. Stay tuned in the coming months for new resources in each of these areas.

With our completely redesigned site, you are now able to search our website more easily as we move towards the publication of our own Christian education material and resources. We will also be digitizing some of our publications by our local staff, pastors, and educators thus providing you access to sound theological and doctrinal teaching.

Reflecting our long-standing commitment to learning and continuous improvement, we welcome your feedback as we continue to improve this site.

Here To Serve,
Dr. H. Michael Seward, Jr.
WOTCC International National CED Superintendent

Our Purpose

bulletTo oversee the activities and operation of the Christian Education Department within the National organization and support the Way of the Cross, International in fulfilling its call and ministry
bulletTo establish seminars, workshops and lectures on a National level that can be used in local assemblies to facilitate Christian Education growth and spiritual development
bullet To promote effective LEADERSHIP by EXAMPLE

Our Goals

bulletTo Establish criteria for the selection of the most improved Christian Education Department among local assemblies
bulletTo Establish an incentive program for the most innovative Christian Education curriculum
bulletTo Work with the National organization to ensure our members are EQUIPPED to go into the highways and hedges and compel men!



Embracing our Legacy


Pursuing our Destiny
Haggai 2:9

Stay tune for WOTCC, Intl's own Christian Education Publication!

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